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Bioidentical hormones-why can’t I start them all at once?

Published October 16, 2011

Quite often new patients ask me: “After I am seen for my initial consultation, why can’t I start all of my hormones at the same time? I really want to feel better as soon as possible!”

The answer is “hormonal balance.”. Starting all needed hormones together or in the wrong order can result in vey annoying side effects. For example, if the adrenals are depleted and thyroid is started before adrenal support kicks in, one can have major stimulatory side effects like racing heart or palpitations. Starting testosterone before correcting adrenal weakness can greatly aggravate existing fatigue, sometimes leading to a drop in blood pressure, lightheadedness when standing, dry mouth and other symptoms.

The discerning patient looking for anti-aging medical care can always tell when their doctor has been fellowship trained, as are all BodyLogic MD physicians. The treatment plan will pay close attention to the relationship between the hormones that the patient is lacking, based on lab tests and correlated with symptoms. The doctor will then suggest a plan that introduces the needed hormones in the correct order. This way the benefits are free or annoying side effects. Optimal hormonal balance takes a little time but proceeding in a logical, methodical fashion is often best for the patient and leads to far less frantic phone calls or emails from my patients! I tell many patients that it took many years to get where they are now and it may take a few weeks or months to bring hormone balance back to normal. However it is well worth the effort. Patience, time and compliance are all key elements in achieving the best possible outcome.

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