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Amino Acid Therapy

Dr.  Center has been trained and is experienced in the use of amino acid therapy, as validated in past and ongoing clinical studies supported by 2 major universities. This cutting edge protocol can correct neurotransmitter imbalances and eliminate fatigue that has failed to respond to other treatments.  It can normalize conditions such as adrenal burnout, depression, anxiety, food cravings, addictions, and many minor and more major mental health conditions. etc.  It also shows significant benefits and often complete elimination of symptoms for patients who have ADD, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease.*

Parkinson’s Disease:  Dr. Center is a founding member of Parkinson’s Clinics International.  Here is a link to our website:

This is a list of the conditions that can be helped by amino acid therapy, more properly referred to as “monoamine transporter optimization, or MTO for short:


Conditions highlighted in yellow are referred to as likely “serotonin dominant” (meaning that serotonin is the major neurotransmitter of need. Conditions highlighted in orange are likely “dopamine dominant.”     Conditions in green as always dopamine related.

Published clinical studies including over 3 million days of patient care have validated the use of amino acids and specific cofactors to restore normal nerve cell-to-nerve cell communication, more accurately referred to as “synaptic transmission.  There are trillions of synapses in the body. Neurotransmitters are transported from one nerve to another nerve across the synapse, or gap, by specific transporters, be received by receptors. When the receptors achieve threshold stimulation they trigger that nerve to “fire.”  In many patients the dopamine receptors and/or the serotonin receptors are not functioning normally and the nerves fail to fire, with numerous clinical consequences.

Origins of this impairment can include:



Genetic tendencies.   If one has had symptoms since childhood or if one has any family members who have had similar symptoms, such as mental health problems, problems with alcohol or drugs, ADD type symptoms, etc. then it is likely that the receptors don’t function normally and require more serotonin and dopamine than the average person needs to function properly.  This is why some people seek out drugs (especially stimulants) and alcohol, and may engage in reckless or non-productive behavior (gambling, sex addictions, excessive video gaming, etc).  In these cases there is a lack of sufficient dopamine (the building block of the adrenalins, norepinephrine and epinephrine), and people seek out something (unhealthy) to take its place. These patients benefit from long term amino acid support.



Acquired deficiency of neurotransmitters related to poor absorption of their amino acid building blocks, obtained from food. (phenylalanine, then tyrosine, for dopamine and tryptophan, then 5-HTP, for serotonin).  We see this commonly in older patients who often have malabsorption or digestive issues (these are correctible!) as well as younger patients who don’t eat enough protein or use acid blockers (these interfere with normal digestion) or also have intestinal malabsorption or digestive issues. This is referred to as a RND “relative nutritional deficiency.”  It is not uncommon.  These patients may only need amino acid therapy for a finite length of time while we work on enhancing absorption of amino acids through the digestive tract, so they can make their own neurotransmitters long term.



Damage to the postsynaptic receptors or nerve bundles caused by prescription or nonprescription drugs, head injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other causes.  These patients also benefit from long term amino acid support.*


One more comment:  people who need caffeine to wake them up and keep them going usually are adrenalin (and therefore dopamine) deficient.


The response to the amino acids is not linear. In most cases there is NO relief of symptoms until the proper daily dose is achieved. The typical amino acid response is like a light switch: it is on or off. It is common for patients who have undergone several amino acid dosing changes with no relief of symptoms to wake up the one morning with complete relief of symptoms.


A good analogy of this “all of nothing” response to amino acids is the following:  Imagine that you are invited to a party at a friends apartment and are told to push the door open to gain entrance. But when you arrive and push on the door as hard as you can it will not open.  Another friend comes along and the two of you both push on the door but it remains shut. Finally a sufficient number of hungry, thirsty people arrive and all push of you on the door at the same time and it eventually opens, you all cheer, and and the party is waiting for you to enjoy.  This is what happens when enough neurotransmitters, manufactured directly from the amino acids you are prescribed, trigger the nerves to fire.  Imagine what can happen when trillions of synapses in your brain and body all begin to function normally.  Every week we have patients who reach the threshold doses of the amino acids they are prescribed, based on clinical response to weekly or every other week dosing changes, and often guided by urine lab testing.  It is exciting for all;  it is life changing for many. 

This is the company Dr. Center uses for amino acid supplements:

Dr. Center sees the vast majority of his patients for comprehensive wellness care.  This may include MTO as well as the other services described on this web site. There are some patients who choose to see him only for MTO.  If that is your goal you can call Dr. Center’s office directly at 619-461-2655-1 and speak to Carol, his office manager.

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