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Advanced Diagnostic Testing

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At BodyLogicMD of San Diego we utilize Advanced Diagnostic Testing to identify not only specific information about certain health conditions but also to assess your overall wellness and factors that affect future illness and longevity. Not only is blood testing used but also urine samples (often more accurate for hormone measurements), blood spot testing done via a finger prick, as well as saliva. We also do genetic testing via a swab of the cheek to help us determine risks for heart disease, whether you should be on a high fat or a low fat diet and if you need special attention because you don’t metabolize nutrients and drugs like most people do. Targeted, comprehensive testing is the ideal way to diagnose the causes of symptoms and illnesses. It is common for use to find easily correctible causes of conditions for which patients have been told there is “no cause” and “no cure.” Our office values these advanced tests as a way to deepen our knowledge and understanding of your physical conditions and overall health.

Because hormone levels are so important to overall health and function, all of our patients undergo hormone testing to allow us to assess your endocrine function and to know wht to do to balance your hormones for optimal health. This is true even for patients in their 20’s or 30’s. Dr. Stephen Center is highly trained and experienced in ordering and evaluating test results to identify not only the causes of symptoms and conditions but also create a treatment plan to improve or ideally eliminate the symptoms and conditions so that prescription drug use is not needed or minimized.

Other tests tell us important information about your body, such as the level of heavy metals and toxins in your system, and any essential vitamins or minerals that you are lacking. Depending on test results, Detoxification may be recommended.

Here are some of the many advanced tests that Dr. Center effectively uses in his practice:

Physicians’ Lab hormone testing (HP3):

SpectraCell 5000:

Genova Diagnostic Lab’s NutrEval:  and GI Effects:

Great Plain’s Lab Organic acid testing and their 180 food and Candida allergy assessment:

Cleveland Heart labs cardiovascular risk screening:

Life Length Telomere testing:

ALCAT testing:

Doctor’s Data toxic and essential elements testing:

Your test results are not the only data considered when performing your health evaluation. Comprehensive questionnaires will also provide valuable information. Family history is reviewed, as well as lifestyle, career, and environment. After all of this is evaluated your personalized plan for lifestyle changes (including diet, exercise and stress reduction) nutritional supplementation, hormone replacement therapy and other interventions is created.

Dr. Center has over 30 years of experience in functional medicine and spent 22 years as a holistically oriented primary care physician. He believes that a personalized approach based on history, careful lab monitoring and intuition based on practice experience and patient outcomes is the key to a successful clinical outcome. If you already have had testing done within the past year, you can provide these results to Dr. Center’s staff in advance so they don’t need to be repeated. A Physicians’ lab HP3 urine hormone evaluation is an essential requirement for every initial consultation as it is the most valuable initial test and cannot be reproduced by blood testing.



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