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Toxicity is extremely common in people today. This refers to the fact that foreign, unnatural substances are present in our bodies, chemical that were never intended to remain in the human body. Most of these toxic chemicals have never been studied for their effects on health and illness Unlike what occurs in Europe, in America very few toxins have been banned from our food supply. Many toxins have been studied however and have been found to not only contribute to symptoms and disease but also increase risks for cancer. At BodyLogicMD we often screen patients for environmental toxicity. We pair this with “detoxification,” focusing on improving the function of the intestines and liver, which often fail to eliminate toxins in a timely manner. This causes them to be stored in the liver or fat cells of your body and often spill over into the brain, contributing to mood disorders and fatigue, among others. Addressing your toxicity is something we focus on at BodyLogicMD of San Diego, as part of your overall wellness plan.

Here are some signs that you may need to detoxify:

Through detoxification we get rid of metabolic waste and environmental toxins via the kidneys, intestines, liver, skin and lungs. You actually get rid of fat (a primary site of toxin storage) through our lungs! You need a clean liver to better process the good and bad chemicals that you ingest. Sometimes we start a 2 week detoxification plan just based on symptoms. We often utilize comprehensive questionnaires that gives us a clue of the patient might be toxic. During the detox patients will eat organic (toxin free) food and take some supplements during the day for the two weeks. Other times we test for toxicity first and then choose a more targeted form of detoxification.

Many people have high levels of certain toxins in their body. Common toxins are:

These toxins are implicated in the formation of cancer, including breast cancer.

But don’t be alarmed. The good news is, Dr. Center can help you detoxify! Through dietary planning and optimization, complemented by a regimen of certain supplements to optimize intestinal and liver health, patients can feel better and enjoy a cleaner system. Typically, you will experience noticeable improvements in energy, mood, skin, muscles and joints. Our staff nutritionist, Lindsey Mueller, is highly experienced and knowledgeable. She participates in guiding our clients through their ongoing wellness therapies and overall care.

Note that the detoxification process can be as short as ten days or take up to a month, maybe more, depending on the severity. Heavy metals testing, for example, may take several months. The benefits are well worth the effort. We welcome your question about toxicity and the detox aspect of our wellness services. Please contact us to schedule your initial visit.



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