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Is Your Daily Coffee Habit Good or Bad for Your Health?

Published September 14, 2018

For many people, the day just cannot begin without a jolt of java first thing in the morning. Others rely on it for their afternoon pick-me-up to beat the midday slump. With the ease of single-serve cups and coffee shops on nearly every corner, a caffeinated cup is almost always readily available, whether you prefer to sip it at home or on the go. While many rely on the buzzy and aromatic beverage to help promote alertness and productivity, few tend to consider the health implications of their daily ritualistic coffee. Coffee has gotten a mixed rap in the news over the years, from being bad to being good for your health, to somewhere in-between. Recently, new research has found that regular coffee drinkers had lower levels of inflammatory markers than non-coffee drinkers, which is a huge pro for those who are unwilling to give up their regular java jolt. Read more…

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