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Progesterone–who needs it? (who doesn’t need it?)

Published November 21, 2011

Progesterone is a critical ovarian produced steroid hormone that plays specific roles throughout a woman’s life. For women who are premenopausal, progesterone production begins around mid-cycle, rises to a peak […]

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The Mystery Hormone and why everyone needs it.

Published November 13, 2011

What is 1,25 hydroxycholecalciferol? Drum roll please!……………… may know it as “Vitamin D” “Vitamin” D is not a vitamin; it is a critical hormone! It is produced largely by your […]

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Estrogen: a hormone that serves many needs

Published November 6, 2011

It is quite common for female patients of mine to question me concerning the need for estrogen as part of their bioidentical hormone regimen This is especially true if they […]

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Preventing diabetes using proven lifestyle, hormonal and supplement strategies

Published November 2, 2011

Today is November 1, the first day of American Diabetes Month. Very often I hear the question how can I avoid diabetes as I get older? The first step is […]

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Bioidentical hormones: Who should I see for these?

Published October 30, 2011

I just had the pleasure of speaking at a medical conference on bioidentical hormones sponsored by the International Hormone Society at the San Diego Harbor Marriott. My subject was testosterone […]

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Bioidentical hormones-why can’t I start them all at once?

Published October 16, 2011

Quite often new patients ask me: “After I am seen for my initial consultation, why can’t I start all of my hormones at the same time? I really want to […]

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Exercises to prevent chronic neck and back pain

Published October 10, 2011

A chiropractor friend of mine, Skip George, taught me many years ago that we spend much of our lives in flexion. What this means is that our waist is bent […]

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Relief for chronic neck and back pain–part 1, your posture

Published October 10, 2011

One of the most common complaints I seen in my anti-aging practice is chronic neck and back pain. Typically patients who complain of these symptoms tell me that they spend […]

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Bioidentical versus non-bioidentical (bio-similar) hormones

Published October 7, 2011

Many men and women seeking hormone replacement therapy from anti-aging doctors like myself ask about the safety of the hormones that we prescribe. The reason for this concern, often mentioned […]

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Why am I tired?

Published October 3, 2011

Why am I so tired? This question is asked of me by many if not most new patients.  Quite a few of them have already seen their regular doctors and […]

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  • "Dear Dr. Center;   I want to express how fortunate I feel to have you as my physician.  I appreciate your intellect and your caregiving,  both of which are so strongly evident every time we meet.  I've also been receiving the various nutritional support supplements you have ordered for me, and every time I dissect the list of ingredients I have…Read More
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December 6, 2023

How Do Bioidentical Hormones Mimic Natural Hormones

Bioidentical hormones mimic natural hormones because they have the same molecular structure as the hormones produced by the human body. This structural similarity allows bioidentical hormones to bind to the […]

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